About Us

Villa Tempest started out in 2010, as an idea, a simple idea,

 the name of our family home.

We were living at the time in 4 story townhouse nearby West Lake in Hanoi, Vietnam and were contemplating buying our first home in Hamburg, Germany. We were making hand crafted, savoury pastries to order, delivery on demand, for the expat community as well as running a weekend bbq stall at a local, weekend foodies market.

After moving to Germany we found the regulations to be much tougher and rigorously enforced, as for the expat community? Despite a large contingent of Aussies, Brits, Canadians, etc. a strong interest in Aussie Rules and Rugby Union, there appeared to little or no demand for pies pasties and sausage rolls. Even a well known Cornish Pasty business located at the Fisherman’s Wharf lasted barely two years in operation – tough crowd, really tough crowd.

After five years in Hamburg we have now moved to Shanghai and are testing the waters once again to see what we shall see. There is an active, vibrant, and supportive Expat community here with many home-based, food service providers operating apparently successfully, at least so it seems by the regular referrals and testimonials.

Having started with pies and bbq we still have a strong interest in pastry and in ad hoc catering, however there are already many suppliers for both such services, although room for more if one feels they have a better, or tastier product but the jury is still out at this stage as to what we shall eventually offer.

In the meantime, we are doing market research into the demand for fresh, made to order, ready to use/freeze, sweet or savoury pastry and blind-baked pastry cases, as well as the possibility of sourcing, supplying and managing the grill as a visiting, bbq catering concern. (Mr Tempest, “The Pieman” used to, during University studies, work for a Spit Roasting Company as a travelling chef.) Again, its early days and much needs to be reviewed.

So that’s how we are and where we’re currently at. In the meantime, here are some of the things we’ve done, do, hope to do, and hope to continue to do: