Qualities Of A Real Pie

What is it exactly, that defines the quintessential savoury pie?

I’ve been wrestling with this issue for quite some time. A while back I came across the following on another site, and I’d like to share it here:

Seven Things to Look for in a Great Pie

1. The meat must be lean & tender

2.     The pastry must look and feel exactly right

( golden brown and crisp )

3.     The gravy must be rich

4. The whole pie must look and smell fantastic

5.     The pastry must be well cooked ( Bottom and Top )

6. The filling should not drip when eaten or be too firm

7.     The pie must taste great of course

I love a good pie, and for me the most essential aspect is the pastry. If the pastry isn’t right it doesn’t matter how great the insides are.

This is the driving philosophy behind all the pies that we make, in the Kitchens of Villa Tempest.

Great pastry, and wholesome, tasty, savoury fillings.